Hey! I'm Jenna-Beth, but my friends call me JB. I'm a high-vibe, experience-seeking Enneagram 7 that will bring a calm, positive energy to your most treasured moments. I believe there's a richness to every romance that deserves to be published and my mission is to procure honest, heartfelt and compelling imagery that will showcase the most beautiful versions of you and your partner that will truly deliver a lifetime of happiness.

Heartfelt, compelling imagery to last a lifetime.

About me

Human connection

My Approach

Your wedding day will be all-consumed with different highs and fast-paced interactions, and before you know it, you'll be peeling off your strip lashes and asking your new spouse to pull all of the bobby pins out of your hair (which will take awhile, BTW), wondering how it all could have happened so fast. My MO is for you to be able to re-live your wedding day through your gallery in the most beautiful and true-to-life way possible for decades to come.

Beauty in the "in-between" moments...

Gone are the days of terrible lighting and awkward prom posing. I'm not the wedding photographer that is going to drag 867 pounds of equipment to your wedding or make you hold fake smiles in uncomfortable positions. Nobody wants weird photos that don't look or feel like "them". I specialize in delivering galleries full of genuine emotion and beautiful, timeless images.

Not your parents wedding photography.

all the feels...

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